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Massada is designed to maximize effectiveness and improve the well-being of clients. There is a Training School to impart knowledge of the therapies and their correct application.

This school teaches beauty professionals the technical know-how of products and their applications through specific therapies. Along with training in the EcoaŠ Method, monographic courses are taught on diagnosis, massage techniques, new product lines, new body and facial treatments, diet and nutrition as well as sales techniques, which allow for a dynamic updating of their knowledge .

The aim of Massada is to improve the overall preparedness of professionals to achieve full satisfaction of the people treated with its products and therapies.

The ongoing advice and proximity are part of Massada to facilitate the work of beauty professionals. The entire organization is geared to help them achieve their goal of satisfaction and loyalty of all their customers.

Sharing experiences and knowledge, being there when needed. In order to achieve this Massada offers several tools and human resources.

A highly specialized hotline offers ongoing support for any technical question.

The team of people that form the network of trade advisers facilitate, with their continued presence, availability and experience the task of building a trusting relationship. The result is communication dynamics which contributes to improved competitiveness.

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