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 cosmeticos naturales


size:200 ml - code 208

Daily use cream with high reducing powers which encourage the removal of clumped fat cells. It inhibits the formation of new fatty deposits and reduces orange peel skin. The unique Minceur Intensive formula acts as a “fat eater” around fatty cells, and achieves the maximum Myrica Cerifera concentration, combined with other active, natural ingredients which enhance results.

main ingredients:

Waxy myrtle, juniper, ruscus, green tea, sage, cypress.

method of use:

Apply In the morning and/or evening, gently spreading from the ankles to the waistline, paying particular attention to the muscles, hips and bottom. Results can be increased by using the Minceur Intensive Lipo Inhibitor hydro-essence.


size:250 ml - code 613

A bath or shower gel which attacks cellulite, stimulates, tones and disintoxicates the tissues removing orange peel skin. The ideal and essential complement for total cellulite treatment.

main ingredients:

Juniper, waxy myrtle, horse chestnut, ruscus, lavender and lemon.

method of use:

Bath: Pour a little hydro-essence into the bath and let the taps run (maximum temperature 37° C).
Shower: Put some of the hydro-essence onto a damp sponge for use in the shower.

 cosmeticos naturales


size:500 mg - code 224

Conjugated Linoleic Acid Capsules (CLA) Tonalin ® 1000 mg.
Body fat reducers. A variety of studies have revealed that Tonalin plays a key role in body composition. It prevents lipo-protein lipase and stimulates fat metabolism. However, it must be kept in mind that changes to dietary habits and increased exercise are key to reaching the target weight.

method of use:

Take 4 capsules a day at mealtimes with a glass of water for 3 months.

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