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 cosmeticos naturales


size:200 ml - code 033

Especially recommended for treating wrinkles, expression lines, stretchmarks and “orange peel” skin. It provides synergy thanks to the blend of muds and salts with silk proteins which soften and moisturise the skin, allowing extraordinary results to be obtained on the skin, face and body.

main ingredients:

Mineral muds and salts. Silk proteins.

method of use:

Facial: Using very soft, circular movements, apply a generous amount to the face, neck and chest. Leave to work for 2 to 3 minutes, and wash away with warm water. Proceed to apply tonic, cream and corresponding mask. Repeat at least once a week.

Body: Using a warm, damp, vegetable sponge or body mitt, add a generous amount of peeling and apply it to the body. Start from the legs and work up the body to the arms. Use soft circular movements and pay particular attention to more affected areas. Wash away with plenty of warm water. Proceed to apply rosehip restructuring oil in order to take full advantage of the properties.


size:150 ml - code 056

Prevents the skin from marking and becoming rough. Especially indicated for dry, sensitive and/or flaky skin. Shea butter is an active vegetable oil which provides great protection in the treatment of sensitive skins which have suffered from the cold, wind and sun, helping to soothe irritations and to strengthen the skin. Properties: The sea sand and essential oils allow for frequent exfoliation which does not damage the skin.

main ingredients:

Shea butter, silica, essential oils and plant extracts.

method of use:

Apply a generous amount. Leave to work for 2 to 3 minutes and wash away with plenty of warm water. To complement and enhance its effects proceed to apply shea butter body lotion.

 cosmeticos naturales


size:200 gr - code 034

Mineral salts are rich in natural active ingredients, minerals, trace-elements and green tea oils. It allows the skin to obtain maximum results from specific treatments. Formulated with soft exfoliating particles, it effectively removes dead cells and renews the skin. It refines and illuminates the skin while reducing large pores and imperfections.

main ingredients:

Mineral salts and green tea aroma.

method of use:

Facial: Softly massage into damp skin. Wash away with plenty of water. Use twice a week.

Body: Apply a small amount to a damp sponge or body mitt and apply using circular movements. Wash away with water and dry. Proceed to apply green tea antiox oil to obtain more radiant skin.

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